Book Launch

A warm welcome to join us on 8th February, 2023 as we launch the book, The Cross Road Legend.
Get to meet and interact with the author.

Cross Road Legend

Cross Road Legend is about a Kenyan girl called Wairimu Ndegwa who hailed from a humble background and was awarded a scholarship to study at the University Academy in the USA. Due to her kindness, Wairimu assisted a classmate whose ATM card hadn't been registered by feeding him “peanuts” for a fortnight, only to find out she had extended her generosity to a Muslim billionaire heir apparent. They connect, chemistry develops and an impossible love sprouts.

““The worst thing you can do is to lay dead-in-water with a problem. Solve it! Solve it wrong or right. If you solve it wrong it will come back, slap you on the face and you will solve right. Doing nothing seems like a comfortable option because there are no immediate risks; but it is a FATAL way to manage any business.” - Anonymous .”

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